High-end quality grow lighting for vertical farming, indoor and greenhouse horticulture.​

The basic requirement of our products is always to achieve the highest performance in the markt in terms of efficiency and light output. But what really sets us apart are the smart additions and customized solutions to intelligently get the most out of our lighting solutions so you as a grower will achieve the highest yields.

Vertical Farming


The most versatile custom fixture with the best performance. Meet the best grow light a vertical farmer can get.

VertiLED offers the highest fixture-to-grow-bed light uniformity and efficiency in the market due to the asymmetric design of the secondary optics. It can be used in any situation due to the (hybrid) combination of passive air cooling and watercooling. Last but not least: the VertiLED is suited for a high degree of customization: from light spectrum to distance to crops to custom dimensions. With the Dimlux VertiLED, creation of the ideal fixture is finally possible.

Indoor LED

Xtreme & Xplore Series LED

High-performance LED with novelties available for every indoor grower with the Xtreme and Xplore series.

Our indoor LED fixtures are not only characterized by their outstanding performance properties. We make the difference by offering extra features that competitors do not offer in their portfolio. The Xtreme is our flagship fixture for facilities with the highest demands, where a light spectrum must be configurable and dynamic as standard and where high-tech innovations are desirable. With the Xplore, we make LED lighting accessible to every grower with many expansion options making it future-proof.

Xtreme Series

Our flagship LED fixture for facilities with the highest demands

Xplore Series

High-quality LED lighting accessible to every grower at a budget-friendly price.

Indoor HPS

Expert Series HPS

Since its introduction the Expert series is a classic household name in the HPS indoor lighting market.

The Dimlux Expert Series is the most advanced and complete HPS lighting system on the market. The Ultra Optics 98 reflector in combination with the Xtreme ballast is a complete fixture with the highest reflector efficiency and light output on the market. The fixture is robust, boasts the highest possible safety features, has extensive dim and boost functions and is controllable with the Dimlux Remote Control Management system.

Greenhouse HPS

Pro Series

HPS lighting with ideal properties for greenhouse horticulture.

The DimLux Pro Series offers the best in lighting systems with maximum efficiency and reliability. With an advanced reflector and the vertically mounted closed ballast, it minimizes light interception and moisture problems. Quick reflector replaceability and various options for this make maintenance easy and flexible. All this makes this fixture very suitable for greenhouse farming. Equipped with innovative technologies such as the GEO membrane and an upgradeable smart ballast, the Dimlux Pro Series offers top-class performance for every greenhouse.

Greenhouse LED

June 2024:

The next level in LED lighting for greenhouse horticulture.

In our own Dimlux Lab, our R&D team is developing the next level grow lights for glasshouses. The performance scores on efficiency and light output will of course be among the highest on the market. But even more important: new boundary breaking innovations are part of this new fixture. Stay tuned!

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