Controllers & Additions

Executing projects at our clients’ premises we always create the ideal setup depending on the circumstances, wishes and preferences to achieve the maximum potential from our supplied climate and lighting systems.

This is often achieved by adding our Remote Controllers, Add-ons to extend the light spectrum and for example a plant temperature camera, all of which can communicate and interact with each other in the overall setting for maximum growth results. Here is a small selection of our controllers and additions. All enabled to connect with the worlds’ leading software solutions.


Remote Controllers

Experience unparalleled control over your climate and lighting with our Remote Controllers

Seamlessly manage cooling, heating, dehumidifying and air filtering functions from anywhere, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency. Receive real-time alerts and notifications, keeping you informed about your system’s status. Control your lighting: set continuous variable dimming settings to create a day and night rhythm, control your lighting based on temperature and humidity sensors. And of course communication and integration with external hardware and software is enable


Light Spectrum Add-ons

Enrich you LED spectrum with Dimlux Add-ons

Our Far-red and UV Add-ons can be mounted on our LED fixtures. Addition of these Add-ons leads to enrichment of the light spectrum resulting in higher yields. Far-red (NIR) light boosts photosynthesis, metabolism and flower setting, optimizing growth and yield with size control. UV-A strengthens plants, boosts resistance, enhances resin, darkens leaves, and increases yields, especially when combined with UV-B for DNA protection and enhanced stress response, maximizing health and productivity.


Plant Temperature Camera

Steer your lights and climate based on the plant temperature camera

This smart device measures the temperature of a wide area of the canopy in your facility using an infrared sensor. Plant temperature is more important than ambient temperature. When connected to our Control Management system, the light and climate can be controlled based on the plant temperature. If the plant temperature is too high, the system will dim the lighting to keep the stomata open. And in a potential case of water shortage (e.g. due to a faulty pump), the lighting will also be dimmed or switched off to prevent damage to the crop.

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