Our Products

We design, develop and manufacture our own products.

In the projects we take on, we only want to work with the best products. For us, this means they have to be cutting-edge, adaptable and future-proof.

Therefore, from the start of our company more than 15 years ago, we decided that we wanted to design and manufacture our own products. This has naturally resulted in our two product lines, which have been on the market for more than 15 years. First, we have our OptiClimate product line for climate solutions (or HVAC, which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Second, we have our product line for grow lights, under the Dimlux brand name. For both brands, we do all the R&D work internally with our own dedicated R&D team. Therefore, we can always say: we stand behind the products we use in our projects. They are leading edge. Take a look for an impression of the Dimlux and OptiClimate product lines.


Climate control


The worldwide benchmark for scalable and adaptable HVAC systems with unmatched performance.

Our Opticlimate product line is the only true solution for controlling your climate. Each product in this product range has the unique property of being able to simultaneously cool or heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air. The Opticlimate products are scaleable and adaptable for every room which makes them, together with their unmatched performance, a worldwide benchmark in HVAC systems.



High-end quality grow lighting for vertical farming, indoor and greenhouse.​

The basic requirement of our products is always to achieve the highest performance in the market in terms of efficiency and light output. But what really sets us apart are the smart additions and customized solutions to intelligently get the most out of our lighting solutions so you as a grower will achieve the highest yields.

Controllers & Additions

Remote Controllers & Additions

Here is a small selection of our controllers and additions. All enabling you to achieve the maximum potential from our climate and lighting systems.

Executing projects at our clients’ premises we always create the ideal setup depending on the circumstances, wishes and preferences to achieve the maximum potential from our supplied climate and lighting systems. This is often achieved by adding our Remote Controllers, Add-ons to extend the light spectrum and for example a plant temperature camera, all of which can communicate and interact with each other in the overall setting for

maximum growth results. Here is a small selection of our controllers and additions. All enabled to connect with the worlds’ leading software solutions.

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