Climate control


The worldwide benchmark for scalable and adaptable HVAC systems with unmatched performance.

Our Opticlimate product line is the only true solution for controlling your climate. Each product in this product range has the unique property of being able to simultaneously cool or heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air. The Opticlimate products are scalable and adaptable for every room which makes them, together with their unmatched performance, a worldwide benchmark in HVAC systems.


Revomax II

The first all-in-one steady state temperature and humidity logic airconditioner in the world.

The Revomax II is a climate control system with our new Infinity DC inverter technology. The Revomax stands out for its exceptional performance: it offers the smallest bandwidths in temperature (max. 0.,4°C) and humidity fluctuations possible in HVAC systems creating the most stable climate and therewith maximum growth results at the lowest possible energy costs. All possible in an extreme temperature range from 3 to 36°C.


Opticlimate Pro 3

Simultaneously cool or heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air.

The innovative Opticlimate Pro 3 system is designed to create the ideal indoor climate. We developed a fully optimized and efficient product, which allows climate control to perfection with the lowest possible energy consumption. It is available in different models. Choose a water-cooled or air-cooled OptiClimate or a Watercooler.


Revomax Smart Remote Controller

the best way to get optimum control of your opticlimates remotely, anytime and place in the world.

The Smart Remote Controller ensures that you can operate your OptiClimate(s) remotely (from anywhere in the world). This means that your climate system can be controlled at all times. The Smart Remote Controller is placed near the OptiClimate(s) and the computer or smartphone (remotely) communicates via the internet with the Smart Remote Controller, which controls the OptiClimate(s).

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Our Opticlimate HVAC solution provides Nedcann with a high-performance system that is perfectly tailored to their diverse growing spaces. With advanced sensor technology and dynamic control of temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and air flows, our system ensures precise control and optimisation of the growing process

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