Project Details

  • DATE
    2020 > Present
    Nedcann Ohrid, Macedonia
    Medicinal cannabis, Customization, HVAC, OptiClimate, Dimlux HPS lighting

“OptiClimate’s scalable solutions allow me to have the best and exactly the right amount of HVAC capacity needed per growroom and therefore also at the lowest cost.”

Stephan van Gerven (CEO)


Nedcann cultivates high-quality cannabis products for medicinal use

Nedcann is a leading medicinal cannabis cultivation company based in Macedonia. With a focus on quality, transparency and regulatory compliance, Nedcann cultivates high-quality cannabis products for medicinal use. The company applies advanced cultivation techniques and strict quality controls to ensure consistent and reliable production.

Driven by a commitment to the health and well-being of their customers, Nedcann strives for continuous innovation and improvement in the medicinal cannabis industry.

The challenge

Provide a highly customized HVAC solution

Nedcann approached us with a specified request to supply a customized HVAC system ot her medicinal cannabis facility. The challenge was to provide a system that was not only scalable ot he various cultivation areas within their facility, but that would also take into account the unique characteristics of each space. At the same time, the system had to provide uniformity in performance and control and reliability throughout the facility.

In addition to the request for custom HVAC, there was also a need for high-quality HPS grow lighting in the rooms. These specifications all together required thorough analysis and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of Nedcann's operational environment.

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Our proces

A step by step approach.


We make an inventory of the wishes and challenges.

Research & Development

Our R&D team develops a tailormade solution.

Test & Optimize

We test with our clients to come to a perfect final solution.

Our solution

Our innovative Opticlimate solution perfectly tailored to the diverse growing spaces of Nedcann

Our Opticlimate HVAC solution provides Nedcann with a high-performance system that is perfectly tailored to their diverse growing spaces. With advanced sensor technology and dynamic control of temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and air flows, our system ensures precise control and optimisation of the growing process. Seamless integration with advanced control and automation systems such as Priva provides Nedcann with full control and operational efficiency.

Also an important and unique advantage was the scalability of our solution, giving Nedcan flexibility and cost efficiency. Our Opticlimate solution represents the latest innovations in climate control technology and supports Nedcann in its excellence in growing medicinal cannabis. Last but not least, we have provided Nedcann with the highest-quality HPS lighting with our Dimlux Expert grow lights, which they can use for years ahead.

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