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    11-13 june 2024
    Greentech, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Vertical farming, Greenhouse, Innovation

Growy is a forward looking vertical farm using advanced technologies.

Growy is a leading-edge vertical farm transforming traditional farming practices by adopting vertical growing methods. With a highly innovative facility in Amsterdam and a second location recently opened in the same city, Growy is focused on international expansion. Using advanced technologies such as dynamic water-cooled LED lighting and automated systems for water management and climate control.

Growy offers a sustainable solution for growing a variety of crops all year round. Their focus on efficiency, quality and sustainability positions Growy as a pioneer in urban agriculture, striving to reduce the environmental footprint of farming and promote tasty, healthy and affordable food that is available for everyone.

“With Airsupplies we found the perfect collaborative partner in the field of customized growth lighting and climate solutions for the coming years.”

Ard van de Kreeke (CEO)

The challenge

A LED lighting systems that would go beyond the standard requirements.

Growy approached us with a challenge that matched our reputation for technically leading products combined with customization: they requested a LED lighting systems that would go beyond the standard requirements for a vertical farm. Their request was focused on obtaining LED lighting that not only offered an adjustable light spectrum, but also allowed dynamic dimming to meet the specific needs of their various crops throughout the day. In addition, they were looking for a solution that could be managed via an advanced control system, allowing them to control the lighting remotely and integrate it with other systems within their vertical farm.

Further specifications in their application were that the system should be water-cooled, have an installation that was as simple and short in time as possible, minimal cabling and a uniform light distribution as possible where the edges would also be well illuminated. We were delighted to accept this task and to provide a solution that perfectly suited Growy's unique needs.

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Our proces

A step by step approach.


We make an inventory of the wishes and challenges.

Research & Development

Our R&D team develops a tailormade solution.

Test & Optimize

We test with our clients to come to a perfect final solution.

Our solution

We developed a solution that not only met but exceeded Growy's requirements.

Working with Growy gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our proven expertise and technology in LED lighting systems. We developed a solution that not only met but exceeded Growy's requirements. Specifically, we provided a Dimlux Vertiled with custom-made lenses that perfectly matched the specific set-up in Growy's grow rooms. Placing these custom- made lenses a-symmetrically as well ensures that the outer edges are also fully illuminated. This system further offers standard an adjustable light spectrum, advanced continuously variable dimming options and seamless integration with the management system and other installations within the space.

Furthermore, our solution involved an interconnectable system with only one power cord per cultivation layer. This customised lighting solution provides Growy with the control and flexibility they need to achieve their ambitious goals. We are delighted to contribute to Growy's success and look forward to continuing to work together on new challenges and opportunities.

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